Jet can pay salaries to pilots, senior management in installments until March, gives a new schedule

NEW DELHI: Jet pilots’ union has told members that as per the payment schedule discussed in a meeting on Thursday, they will get 75% of October salary this month out of which 25% will be credited on Thursday itself.

“(Remaining) 25% pay of October and 75% of November salary will be paid in January 2019. 25% of November, 100% of December and 25% of January 2019, will be paid in February 2019. 75% pay of January plus 100% of February will be paid in March 2019,” the union of Jet’s Indian pilots, National Aviators’ Guild (NAG), told members on Thursday.

After that, the airline management has promised salary will be paid on time with 100% of march pay being given in April.