Firecrackers lit up air all day long despite SC restrictions

Madurai: The Supreme Court direction confining fireworks to only two hours a day on Diwali day hardly had any impact on the celebrations in and around Madurai as fireworks were lit as usual from the eve of Diwali and continued till the next day. The state government had fixed the two hours for fireworks to an hour in the morning.
But fireworks left the air smoky from 6pm to 10pm on Monday. Some youth waited and burst crackers and rockets at midnight. On Tuesday fireworks were burst from 6am to around 10pm. Though the bursting of firecrackers started reducing in the city around 10pm it went on for some more time in the rural areas. Some cracker shops had business till late on Tuesday night.

People gathered at Sellur Bridge to light fireworks late in the evening on Tuesday. A thick layer of smoke covered Simmakkal, Periyar and Sellur areas as fireworks were noticeably high in those pockets. Leftover fireworks were lit by youth on Wednesday too.