No oil and grease separator: MC reports 20 eateries

CHANDIGARH: Tightening the noose around hotels, restaurants, eateries and coal depot in key commercial areas of the city, the engineering wing of the Chandigarh municipal corporation (MC) has sent notices to 20 eateries in sectors 8, 9 and 10 for not installing the oil and grease trap in their respective buildings. This is the second phase of notices, as the authority had served similar notifications to over half a dozen eateries last week and even plugged sewer lines of over a dozen commercial establishments.

The eateries that have been issued notices are Hotel Icon, New Vaishno Dhaba & Sweets, D Buzz, Subway and Milkshake and Co in Sector 8, while Café Coffee Day, Grill-n-Chill, Dark Table in Sector 9 and Bakes-n-Beans, Café JC’s and a coal depot booth in Sector 10.

“Owners of these eateries and commercial establishments have been told to comply with orders between January 20 and 25. In case they fail to do so and remain reluctant on the issue, we will plug the sewer of all these establishments,”, said an MC official.

As per sources, teams from the public health division of the MC have been visiting every commercial area in the city to identify such establishments that have not installed oil and grease traps.

Sources in the MC revealed that oily material should not go to the sewer and by constructing oil and grease traps, the oily material gets trapped and the rest goes to the sewage.

“During the survey, we found major sewage blockage problem in residential areas situated near these commercial establishments. The blockage of these sectors was so intense that we had to use machines to clean up the sewage,” said an official involved in the exercise. It was also noted that some of the eating joints have even construct or are in the process of constructing the oil and grease trap in their respective establishments.