Max rescue calls for injured birds come from Walled City

JAIPUR: The festival of Makar Sankranti is turning out to be a death trap for birds. A weekend followed by the festival has increased the kite flying by enthusiasts who are unaware that the adventure of flying kites with glass-coated manjha is killing birds and injuring people. The animal rights activist has been running from one part of the city to another saving birds.

Most of the rescue calls are coming from the Walled City areas and other densely populated areas in the city. The animal rights group says that they had received around 160 calls on Saturday even from the city’s outskirts.

Rohit Gangwal of RAKSHA Animal Rights Group has rescued a pelican from Jaisinghpura on Saturday. “Our team received a call from the locals who informed that a big bird is fallen on the ground which is not able to fly. We asked the caller to protect the bird from the dogs and other prey till the team reach the spot. The bird was rescued and was taken to the Ramnivas Garden for the treatment,” said Gangwal.

The activist fears that this year weather is conducive for the kite flying and long vacation will see a rise in the kite flying. “I hope and pray that people celebrate the festival and also fly kites but without deadly manjha,” said Dr Vikas Sharma, a veterinary doctor, who treats injured animals.