The film festival begins in Rangayana

MYSURU: Veteran actor Ramesh Bhat inaugurated the Bahuroopi Film Festival at Bhoomigeetha of Rangayana on Saturday.
Bhat recalled his association with the doyen of Rangayana, B V Karanth and said he inspired and taught him ways of life. “I have not performed on stage from the last 16 years. Amidst playing supporting roles in cinema, I still have the urge to pursue theatre. I hope it comes true,” he said.

Everyone goes through pain in life, but a person with passion will not experience pain. Passion is the medicine for pain. Rangayana has been touching all aspects of life besides producing the best actors. In Bengaluru, there is hardly any theatre working as well as Rangayana. The city which has expanded up to 50km needs a repertory like Rangayana, Bhat added.

Film Critique Vidya Shankar spoke on the films that will be screened as part of the film festival. Issues of gender equality have become the epicentre of film industry in India. With the #metoo movement, gender equality has taken centre-stage. Starting with Hollywood, it made a huge impact on Indian cinema as well. The image of woman on screen has an impact on the minds of audience. In the world, gender equality was only associated with social order during the 20th century after French Revolution, but it was in the 21st century that the natural order of gender was discussed.

It was more in movies that the issues pertaining to transgender, gay, lesbian and bisexual orientations were discussed. To establish gender equality, social and natural order has to be considered. Movies, documentaries and biopics being screened in the film festival will address these issues, he said.