Treat patients with 3Ts: Dr. Manjunath

MANGALURU: “In an era of digital technology, it is imperative for doctors to follow 3Ts – talk, touch and treat their patients. Technology is making doctors forget their basics, who need to put common sense ahead of technology,” said Dr C N Manjunath, director, Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research, Bengaluru. It is the 3Ts that give a patient an immense sense of satisfaction irrespective of advancements in science, he noted.
Replying to felicitations accorded to him by organisers of Spectrum 2019, a symposium on cardiovascular therapies and research update – Mangaluru, on Saturday, Dr Manjunath rued the fact that technology that is connecting the entire world, is disconnecting humanity and friends. In highly competitive practice, doctors end up criticising their ilk, a fact which makes patients lose respect, which is the greatest investment for an individual, he said.

At the same time, a doctor is required to deal with Internet Derived Information Obstructing Treatment (IDIOT) syndrome, which not just makes the medical field a war zone, but leaves those treating people a soft target for society. It is in such times that doctors who conduct health camps for others learn to take care of their own stress and health, he said. Citing a survey, he said the average age of doctors has come down by 10-15 years in such circumstances.

Noting that Karnataka has 1.1 lakh doctors, which is higher than the WHO ratio of 1 doctor per 1,000 people, Dr Manjunath rued the skewed ratio that stands at a healthy 1:500, as far as the state is concerned. “Most of these doctors are in urban areas, leaving semi-urban and rural areas understaffed with qualified physicians,” he said.