Kamal Nath pardoned Jabalpur headmaster for his derogatory remarks against him

BHOPAL: Chief minister Kamal Nath on Saturday directed Jabalpur district administration to cancel the suspension of school principal Mukesh Tiwari, who was caught on a video making derogatory remarks against him the other day.
District collector of Jabalpur Chhavi Bharadwaj had suspended Tiwari after prima facie finding him violating provisions of MP Civil Services (Conduct) Rules. “I just came to know that a Jabalpur school teacher was suspended after a video clipping showed him calling me a dacoit. I believe that in a democracy, everyone has the right to free speech and expression, ” Nath said in a statement. “It may be a violation of rules,why he was suspended. But, I pardon him.” Mukesh Tiwari, principal of the govt-run Kanishtha Buniyadi middle school had made the derogatory remarks against the chief minister while addressing a function in the school.

The video went viral and Tiwari was suspended on Thursday. Kamal Nath in a statement on Saturday said that it takes a lot of dedication and hard-work to become a teacher. “ His suspension would mean that his family would undergo hardships just for a statement he made against me. That I would not like and therefore, personally don’t want any action against him.” The chief minister on Saturday directed district administration, Jabalpur to end all proceedings against Tiwari and withdraw his suspension with immediate effect. “A teacher’s duty is to build a society and impart good education to students. I expect Mukesh Tiwari will in future keep in mind his responsibilities and duties,” the chief minister said. He added, “We will not work to avenge what happened in the past 15 years. When TOI contacted, Tiwari said he and his NGO members were harassed during the past 14 years of Chouhan-led govt. But, CM Nath took immediate action, Tiwari he added. “I am grateful to him.”