Pongal special: former executive offers oil cake for jallikattu bulls at a 50% discount

Madurai: With Pongal round the corner, a former private company executive, who quit his job and settled in his native village in Madurai, is offering oil cakes for jallikattu bull owners at 50% discount from the market price.
Of late, many have started raising jallikattu bulls with the intention of saving the indigenous bull breeds, after raising the ban on the Tamil cultural sport following the state government’s ordinance. However, raising a bull requires a lot of money to offer nutritious fodder. It would burn a hole in the pockets of poor people, who raise them merely out of passion. Apart from the prizes and appreciation the bull receives at the events, there is no material benefit out of it.

G Pandidurai, the former executive who started Ponni cold pressed oil mill a couple of years ago, has come up to share their burden by offering the oil cakes produced in their unit. A jallikattu bull requires three to five kgs of oil cakes along with other nutritious food during the preparation for jallikattu events. Many who could not afford it go for cheap alternatives.

“There are many people raising jallikattu bulls around Thanakkankulam, where my unit is functioning. Avaniapuram which is going to host the first jallikattu event in Madurai this year is also not far away from here. The bull owners are happy about the offer,” Pandithurai said.

Groundnut oil cake, which is sold at Rs 50 per kg in the retail market is given away for Rs 25 a kg. Similarly, coconut oil cake and gingelly cake, which are sold at Rs 25 and Rs 30 per kg at the retail market are offered at half the price.

Although he started the offer only 10 days ago, he managed to reach out to around 10 bull owners in the surroundings through WhatsApp and Facebook.