When Rakshit Shetty received a special surprise gift

Fans of Rakshit Shetty were in for a special surprise recently when after a long hiatus from social media, he went live recently, with the team of the upcoming film Jeerjimbe. And not only his fans, but even Rakshit was in for a surprise when Jeerjimbe’s Rudramma (Siri Vanalli) gifted him a cycle — a brightly decorated one at that — soon after the live began.
When Rakshit asked Siri why she chose such a gift for him, she said that it is only apt, since the film centres on a bicycle and how it changes her character’s life. After director Karthik Saragur spoke more about the film, Rakshit got candid and recollected his childhood memories. He said, “My father was very strict and always said that children should not be spoilt with gifts. I used to never stay away from home, so my uncle told me that he would gift me a cycle if I spent two weeks at his house. That’s how I got my first cycle.”