Sauraseni is very busy on her birthday!

Birthday girl Sauraseni Maitra has a busy day today. The actress ushered in her birthday with her friends and family last night at her home. “All my school friends dropped in yesterday at 11.45 pm when I was fast asleep. I’ve lost count on how many cakes I have cut till now. All this love I am getting from my friends and industry people is so overwhelming! I’m on cloud nine. From flowers, chocolates, bags, makeup stuff, dresses to cosmetics, my room is filled with gifts from friends,” said the model-turned-actress, who was last seen in Anjan Dutt’s Finally Bhalobasa. “I woke up late today, as I finally went to sleep around 3 am after my friends left. After that, I went to my best friend’s house, as they had Annapurna puja at home and now, I have to go to meet my friend and makeup artist Abhijit Paul, who too has Annapurna Puja at home. After that I have a script reading session with Sudeshna Roy and then, I have to meet two of my college friends. At night, I’m dining out with my family. My uncle has gifted me a gold coin and my parents have given me money and a dress, which I’ll wear when I go out to dine with them,” the birthday girl added with a smile.
In Finally Bhalobasa, which revolves around three passionate love stories, Sauraseni Maitra was cast opposite Anjan Dutt. Among the stories, one was about a trapped woman in search of freedom in Asansol, another about a frustrated girl in search of love in Kolkata and the third, about a young dying actor in search of a friend in Darjeeling.