Month on, Modern Housing Complex to still hear something

CHANDIGARH: Even after a month has passed since MC chief engineer had announced to install borewells in garages of Modern Housing Complex (MHC), nothing has happened on ground. On December 5, 2018 MC chief engineer Manoj Bansal along with the resident welfare association (RWA) had decided to install a borewell in a single lane in order to avoid waterlogging during rainy season. It was said that if the pilot project would be successful, similar arrangements would be made by the civic body for other lanes too as per requirement.

Chief engineer visited the site where re-carpeting of roads are pending as the contractor is not commencing the work of the two-block lanes. RWA-MHC president, Col Gursewak Singh said that after he inquired from the MC officials about the status of the work they were informed that the MC is not going to install any such borewell in the area as it is not a feasible project. He said that when asked that whether they have any alternative solution of the problem, the officials said that they do not have any solution for the problem.

During chief engineer’s visit, RWA-MHC raised an issue that a mere 15 minutes of rain flooded garages of area of Category-2 of MHC Manimajra. In fact, before the monsoon hit the city the RWA-MHC submitted a memorandum with the civic body that they should build the necessary infrastructure in the area to avoid the inconvenience to the public.

Residents are upset with such a lackadaisical attitude of concerned officials towards basic needs. Residents submitted a memorandum to the area councillor in which the reference was made about the last monsoon when the waterlogging problem occurred in a garage of the area. During monsoon, garage lanes which are laid out below the surface level is regularly flooded and as a result it damages the cars and property lying in it. The issue is because of the old drainage system that tends to get blocked whenever there is heavy rain.

To avoid any damage to their vehicles and property during monsoon when their garages get flooded, the residents of Manimajra’s category 1 and 2 houses in MHC had approached the municipal corporation in April 2018 to seek a solution.

After every heavy rain, their garages get so much waterlogged that many vehicles kept inside get damaged. Residents had raised the issue with the civic authorities and the area councillor, after which the corporation had sent a team of inspectors to the area. In their memorandum to the area councillor, residents referred to the serious situation that had developed during the last monsoon. The garage lanes are built below the surface level, which why these get flooded regularly and cause damage to cars and property lying inside. The issue is also because of the old drainage system, which tends to get blocked after heavy rain.

Proposal of ex-chief engineer

The ex-chief engineer had proposed to replace the 25-year-old drainage system with new techniques of water drainage. He had also suggested digging a borewell for sucking out excess water from the garages .